Monday, January 24, 2022
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We are people oriented, cloud-based solutions provider: Danielle Pinnock, Architech

Architech is a Toronto-based company that builds cloud-based solutions for enterprise companies, in order to best manage the amount of data that is required...

We prepare you for your job interview: Lauren DeSouza, Ace Interview Prep

A lot of young people have left school into an incredibly turbulent job market during the pandemic period. One of these people is Lauren...

Zetta Computech uses Digital Marketing to help brands achieve success

When physical presence got limited owing to COVID, the business moved from physical to digital. And digital marketing as a service vertical got more...

Power of Self-acceptance: Rossana Gorys takes you through unique journey of self-love

Rossana Gorys started her energy healing business journey in late 2019, when she was provided with an opportunity to retire from her corporate job....

Inspiring Flourishing lives Beyond Boarders: Sue Easton, Ridley College

For over 130 years, Ridley College has cultivated a culture of academic excellence that is recognized worldwide. In 2012, Ridley became the very first...

Torys and Founder Institute join forces to help progress early-stage Canadian startups

TORONTO, Feb. 4, 2021 /CNW/ -  Torys is proud to announce its partnership with the world's largest pre-seed accelerator, Founder Institute, to help progress the Canadian startup...
Just Junk

De-Cluttering Your Home, Mind, and Life with Deb Darbyshire of JUST JUNK

When discussing health and wellness, people often neglect the way they keep their space. The conversation on resolutions and intentions focuses heavily on eating...
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FundThrough Congratulates Run Veggie on 2021 Expansion Plans

FundThrough Congratulates Run Veggie on 2021 Expansion Plans, Role in U.S. Presidential Inauguration TORONTO, Jan. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ - FundThrough, a financial technology company that helps small businesses...
Photo by Jonas Stolle on Unsplash

Distributel Acquires Primus

Distributel Acquires Primus, Bringing Even Greater Value to More Canadians Combination is greater than the sum of its parts, enabling increased innovation and enhanced product...

ESET Research: How to protect yourself from Supply Chain Attack

In December 2020, ESET Research, based in Montreal, QB, found another supply-chain attack on the Vietnam Government Certification Authority website. Since digital signatures hold...
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