Nicotine Dolls kicked off their spring tour in Toronto

On Wednesday, March 6th, Nicotine Dolls, the viral sensation from TikTok, played the first concert of the Spring Tour 2024 at Annabel's Music Hall in Toronto.


The New York-based band – Sam Cieri (Vocals), John Hays (Guitar), John Merritt (Bass), and Abel Tabares (Drums), brought their original blend of rock and pop to the stage, marking the beginning of their 2024 tour across North America. With over 700 fans in attendance, this was officially the largest show Nicotine Dolls had ever played, generating a great atmosphere at Annabel’s Music Hall. The concert began with Adam Bonono on keyboard, performing original songs.

Nicotine Dolls initially gained traction on TikTok with their viral cover of Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best,” leading to a rapidly growing fanbase. Sam Cieri’s appearance on America’s Got Talent further solidified their acclaim, leaving judges awestruck by his vocal prowess.

For their debut performance in Canada, Nicotine Dolls treated fans at Annabel’s Music Hall to a repertoire featuring their original released singles like “How Do You Love Me Now,” “Upset the Neighbors,” “Till We Both Say,” as well as popular covers, mashups, and even previews of their upcoming unreleased songs.

As Nicotine Dolls prepares for the release of their first album, the spring tour continues to captivate audiences with their dynamic performances and energy, promising an unforgettable musical experience for fans across North America.

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