Jersey Boy: A Captivating Sikh Coming-of-Age Drama Set to Inspire and Touch Hearts!

Onside Media recently had a captivating chat with Jaskaran Singh, the Director of "Jersey Boy," and the talented producer, VirinderPaul Singh. Their upcoming movie delves into the poignant journey of a young Sikh boy as he navigates the aftermath of 9/11, a compelling tale of coming-of-age and self-discovery.

Jersey Boy Movie Poster
Jersey Boy Movie Poster

What is Jersey Boy?

Introducing “Jersey Boy” A poignant coming-of-age drama, this film follows the journey of a Sikh boy navigating the aftermath of 9/11 and grappling with his identity after a heartbreaking family tragedy.

What is the inspiration behind Jersey Boy?

Our Inspiration For the past four years, Virinder and I have passionately crafted narratives within the South Asian, specifically Sikh Punjabi diaspora. “Jersey Boy” is a deeply personal and heartfelt project, drawing from my own childhood experiences. Our goal is to shed light on the Sikh experience and bring it to the mainstream audience.

A sikh person in white turban
Jaskaran Singh, Director Jersey Boy Movie

What are you looking for in terms of outreach?

Outreach Matters! We are thrilled to embark on our first independent feature, and we want to ensure it reaches the right audience. This film is a story for generations of Sikhs, and we want them to see themselves represented on screen. Currently, we’re running a crowdfunding campaign to make this dream a reality. If our story resonates with you, please share and contribute to help us tell this compelling tale.

A sikh man wearing a red turban
VirinderPaul Singh, Producer, Jersey Boy Movie

Where are you planning to shoot?

Lights, Camera, Hamilton! “Jersey Boy” will come to life amidst the vibrant setting of Hamilton, Ontario. The picturesque city will provide the perfect backdrop for our powerful narrative. Shooting commences in October, and we can’t wait to capture this heartfelt story on film.

For more information please visit: Jersey Boy Social Handles

Yugbodh Singh
Yugbodh Singh

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