Faulty Towers: The Dining Experience Review: A Night of Dinner and Laughter!

If you have a favourite TV show, chances are you've dreamed of stepping into its world, even if just for a moment. The appeal of immersing oneself in a make-believe world alongside beloved characters is simply irresistible. For fans of the iconic British television sitcom Fawlty Towers, this dream becomes a reality at the Lighthouse Arthouse in Toronto.


I wasn’t familiar with the BBC TV series “Fawlty Towers,” but I’m definitely a fan of British situational humor. For this dining experience, I decided not to investigate what to expect or to prepare myself in advance, opting to approach the performance with an open mind. The truth is, with almost 70% of the show being unscripted and improvised, I felt both excited and a little scared at the same time. As we were seated at a table with six other people, a hint of nervousness crept in, adding to the anticipation of the evening ahead.

Actors in a Play
Faulty Towers

Fawlty Towers is a fictional hotel in England, managed by Basil (Rob Langston) and his wife Sybil (Heather Jones), along with the help of Manuel (Philip Oakland), a clumsy Spanish-speaking server, whose limited grasp of English leads to hilarious misunderstandings. At Lighthouse Arthouse, you can experience this iconic BBC show firsthand by dining at the hotel restaurant, where you’ll enjoy a three-course meal while chaos and humor unfold. With mostly improvised performances, guests often become part of the jokes and situations, adding to the fun and unpredictability of the experience.

The performance began in a blur, with no clear indication of when it started. Right from the first line, it was lively and exciting. Guests play a crucial role, adding to the fun and unpredictability of the performance. Philip Oakland, who played Manuel, stole the spotlight with his incredible performance. Even though he didn’t speak much, his acting was full of charm. He was all over the room, making everyone burst into laughter.

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Faulty Towers

Read the interview with Philip Oakland playing Manuel about Faulty Towers: The Dining Experience – “A taste of theater life: An interview with actor Philip Oakland.”

Heather Jones, playing Sybil, had a naturally funny voice, so it didn’t matter what she was saying; it was how she was saying it that cracked everyone up. And Rob Langston perfectly embodied the snobbish character Basil, always frustrated by everything happening around him.

The only criticism was about the time when the food was served. Understandably, when hot food is brought out, things calm down a bit to avoid chaos.

Be a part of the comedic chaos of the dining room. Get ready to laugh and taste every moment of “Faulty Towers: The Dining Experience” brought by STARVOX Entertainment at Lighthouse Artspace Toronto, running until April 14.

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