Power of Self-acceptance: Rossana Gorys takes you through unique journey of self-love


Rossana Gorys started her energy healing business journey in late 2019, when she was provided with an opportunity to retire from her corporate job. She felt that this was a sign for her to dedicate all her time to helping others. She now uses the knowledge that she acquired from her experience to guide others to gain new perspectives, realize their full potential, and align their actions with their life purpose. 

Rossana Gorys, Founder, The Balanced Path

Please tell us a bit about your journey towards this business?

I’d take you back to a time in my life when I was trying everything possible to “fix” myself. I grew up feeling as if I couldn’t speak up when I wanted to, and for some reason, I couldn’t express my feelings. That feeling stayed with me later on during my working years when I had really good ideas, but I could not articulate them.

After many self-help workshops, I found a friend who started a Reiki and Chakra balancing practice. I began to go to her for sessions. In the first session only, I had an a-ha moment! I finally realized that all I needed was to address my belief system’s elements. Harnessing my experiences, I decided to help others, and so “Balanced Path” was born.

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Please tell us the idea behind this wellness program?

Some people develop negative beliefs in the first few years of their childhood, which are carried forward into adulthood. These beliefs become the “core beliefs” rooted deep down and become feelings about who we are, what others think about us, what we are capable of doing, etc. In order to heal, one must face the negative beliefs that are preventing them from accepting themselves.

It’s just not enough to think positive thoughts; although that is important, one has to look within to find out where all the limiting beliefs are coming from and deal with those events one by one. So I offer a holistic approach by using various modalities that provide the healing needed from within.

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In today’s rational world, how do you inspire clients towards your services?

I offer tools and techniques that help with low self-esteem, low self-respect, physical ailments, emotional blockages, etc. I use the Passion Test to help people gain clarity and provide my clients with the necessary tools that take them through the process in an empowering way.

I’ve created my sessions using all the various modalities to ensure that my clients receive what they need during and after their sessions. If they would not need my services, they would not gravitate towards me. 

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Vision boards got quite a lot of popularity since the release of “The Secret”; what makes your coaching about vision boards different?

I provide different ways to create boards and leave it up to the client as to which one they prefer.  There is really no right or wrong way, it’s an individual approach. 

One of the challenges of vision boards is identifying what you really want, so I have my clients go through an exercise to find out what is most important to them.  After that exercise, I find that clients become 100% clear on what they are looking to manifest. 

We look at different areas in their lives: financial, emotional, physical, spiritual, professional, and relational. Once established, it is easier to find words, phrases, images, and other embellishments that can be added to the client’s individual board, making it very personal to themselves. This is a unique process. 

How do you incorporate vision boards with the use of essential oils later?

Vision boards are an essential part of manifesting, and they are a daily reminder of what we are working towards. The Doterra essential oils are great to use with any of my services. The use of oils dates back thousands of years. While giving distance Reiki or Chakra balancing sessions, if my client has access to the oils, I ask them to use a diffuser. The type of oil used depends on what we are working on. For example, if we are working on the root chakra, I suggest using sandalwood, Myrrh, or Frankincense.  

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How does Chakra balancing affect human psychology?

Our body is made up of energy, just as our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and attitudes. When our bodies are in optimal health, that energy flows freely. Take the analogy of a river where the water flows freely. What happens when there is a blockage in that river? 

The water isn’t able to flow freely, right? Similarly, if we are holding on to limiting beliefs, we create blockages. Thus our energy cannot flow freely and gets stuck, most likely at the part of the body that deals with that issue, making it worse.  

Any Challenges you face as a businesswoman? Any advice to women entrepreneurs?

 As a woman entrepreneur, I find it difficult at times to balance responsibilities. It’s ironic because I named my business “Balanced Path”, but it is actually spiritually balanced. Women support women, and that’s what I love about being an entrepreneur in this area. As women, we have incredible intuition, so keep your eye on the prize, and you will succeed even if it’s taking longer than you thought it would.   

We, women, have the power within to rise above all the adversity that we face. Seek out people who can guide you with the tools necessary to get out of the rut, depression, and other related conditions. Taking care of oneself is so important. Self-love and self-acceptance are what Ms. Gorys likes to promote. 

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Sarah Syed
Sarah Syed


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