HeroX: Resource Hub to Accelerate Crowdsourced Solutions for COVID-19

COVID-19 Central: A Resource Hub for COVID-19 Projects

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, April 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — HeroX, the leading crowdsourcing platform that solves global problems, today announced the launch of a resource hub to pool all COVID-related challenges, from an array of crowdsourcing platforms, into one accessible place. COVID-19 Central is designed as a pathway to connect innovators with opportunities to develop life-saving technologies during this pandemic.

HeroX’s global platform has solved complex problems for a cross-section of organizations including NASA, Novartis, and Boeing. This hub will allow millions of motivated individuals to make a difference, shifting the view from ‘observer’ to ‘participant’ in the fight against COVID-19. HeroX’s vast network is poised to make an immediate impact with solutions aimed at halting the pandemic and saving lives.

“An encouraging substory of the COVID-19 outbreak has been the unprecedented cooperation of the scientific community, private sector, and individuals,” said Christian Cotichini, CEO, HeroX. “People want to help, and HeroX is providing them with a platform that matches their skillset with a complementary project. If we work together we can accelerate solutions to COVID-19 and its impact on our society.”

Projects that can be found on the resource hub, include: MIT’s Beat the Pandemic Hackathon, the State of New York’s Tech SWAT Team and the Code Life Ventilator challenge.

HeroX | Discover the Power of the Crowd

“We are calling on everyone, everywhere to participate,” said Cotichini. “The HeroX platform is in a unique position to leverage the collective intelligence of a wide network of individuals with COVID-19 focused challenges. By bringing together resources, on one easy-to-access platform, our hope is that challenges can be solved efficiently and quickly, to help mitigate these difficult times.”

To access the resource hub, visit herox.com/covid19



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