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Treasure Hill builds the finest quality new homes with only the best materials and superior craftsmanship. “Our mission is to provide purchasers with homes that meet and exceed the highest industry standards.” Affirmed Nicholas Fidei, the Treasure Hill Corporation and Treasure Hill Commercial president, which develops land and builds homes throughout the Greater Toronto Area in Canada.  

Nicholas Fidei, Founder, Treasure Hill

 What inspired you to start building smart homes?

The idea of launching all-inclusive smart home communities was born out of Treasure Hill’s commitment to continually raising the bar higher and striving to offer our customers more. By staying abreast of emerging trends in the industry and noticing the rising demand from homebuyers wanting convenience in more aspects of their lives, we could stay ahead of the competition. 

By keeping an eye on the technology, we saw an opportunity to offer a home that hadn’t been seen up until that point – homes that come pre-fitted with technology to make our customers’ lives easier and more economical. 

Treasure Hill

We started building all-inclusive intelligent homes, now known as our Genius homes, kitted out with all the technology needed to ensure they operate smartly and effortlessly. It’s this technology, such as a built-in Nest® energy-saving thermostat and Ring® doorbell with video motion detection to answer the door from anywhere using your smartphone, which means Treasure Hill’s customers can remove the mundane from their life. 

We launched our first Genius home community in 2018 at our Georgina Heights project in Keswick. Thanks to its success, every new home we build in our Genius featured communities are Genius homes no matter the price or size. 

What are typical responses you have from potential clients looking to buy smart homes?

When it comes to shopping for smart homes, homebuyers are looking for a combination of home automation and energy conservation through products like Amazon Echo Show and Nest® thermostat. Homebuyers want the ability to monitor homes conveniently at the tap of their smartphone, whether to see who is at the door or to alter the home temperature. Sometimes, our potential purchasers aren’t aware that the Treasure Hill home they are viewing is a smart home, but the reception is always positive once they learn these features are already included. 

Inevitably, more and more people will want to have smart features in their home at some point down the line, so buying a house with these pre-installed means they won’t have to purchase and navigate the installation of this upgrade after the fact. 


Which processes does Treasure Hill automate in its GENIUS homes initially and why?

Treasure Hill homeowners can control the heating and cooling of their homes remotely from their smartphones, using the Nest® energy-saving thermostat to eliminate unnecessary usage. 

With the Liftmaster MyQ, garage doors can be opened and closed from your smart device. It is particularly beneficial when receiving deliveries as the homeowner can communicate with the delivery person through the Ring doorbell and advise them to leave the package in the garage. Of late, we’re all hearing stories about packages being stolen from outside front doors, so this feature is invaluable in eliminating that risk.


Do the inhabitants feel safe knowing that all appliances know their daily routines?

Probably the most significant concern we have from potential smart home purchasers is whether or not those who might be living in the property are sufficiently tech-savvy. The beauty of these products and features is that they are installed with a white-glove service to support homeowners to ensure they feel at ease using these features in their daily lives. 

How is building a smart home different from building a non-smart home?

Building a smart home indeed requires a bit more future planning and preparatory work than building a non-smart home, but the benefits are greater, and the result is a home with technologies that better our lives. In a world where everyone moves at a hundred miles per hour, the ability to have a smart device interact with your home lighting, security camera, smart thermostats, audio systems, and the ability to charge electric vehicles all from afar delivers the comfort and cost-energy savings that people want. 


What do you think should change in the current smart home technology to catch up with your expectations?

We’d love for an even more seamless smart home experience to be created. There should be a universal language between the big tech players to ensure all smart home products are fully compatible. 

In the future, artificial intelligence could serve as the brain for the entire home. Advancements mean it could learn more about residents and coordinate automation across all smart gadgets. For example, software that learns someone’s habits, like what music they want to hear in the morning or lighting they want on at a particular time of day, would create a world where the user’s preferences are met automatically.  

Beyond that, one day, we might see advancements that allow for more excellent smart living concerning robotics. For example, the ability to move a bed out of the way when a desk is needed or hiding a closet when it’s dinnertime. Computer graphics could also allow intelligent robotic arms to act as its owner’s personal sous chef, doing everything from slicing and dicing vegetables to helping with the cleanup. This feature might be handy for busy parents or disabled users.  

Do you see any upcoming challenges to the widespread deployment of smart homes in the communities where a smart home is still a dream?

Keeping up with the ever-evolving technology is always a challenge. We feel it’s critical to rely on proven products and features of the highest quality to include in our Treasure Hill Genius homes. 

In coming years, I believe even more ‘smart features’ will be offered to service our homeowners’ wants and needs, which has only been exacerbated by the emerging work-from-home climate we currently live in. The introduction of smart plugs, smart appliances, smart locks, smart lighting, and smart sprinklers, to name just a few, and may very well be on the to-do list! 

 Today’s purchasers continue to grow in knowledge and sophistication, and as such, they demand continued excellence and uniqueness in approach. Fidei’s long-term goal for Treasure Hill is to remain a leader in the industry. At the heart of all his choices are his loving family and his commitment to always giving back to the larger community he lives and works.

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