Times like these bring out the entrepreneurial spirit in many people: Mark Bingeman

Mark Bingeman, President, Bingemans talks about challenges & the plans forward post COVID19

How has been your experience in this leadership position?

That is difficult to answer, as I don’t think there are any leaders that have been able to pause and look backwards at this point in time.  We are all hyper focused on the short term issues, while navigating all longer term opportunities.

Some key challenges you faced while managing the company through COVID19

Leading the team not only through uncharted waters but with unknown aspects that come out after each Federal and provincial press daily update.  Keeping your own cool as that is what everyone is looking at for the barometer of the situation.

Key Management lesson learnt during COVID19?

When in the an environment of total uncertainly, over communicating to both the team you have kept in place, in addition to the team members that had to be sidelined temporarily.  The real need of keeping everyone focused on the truly important tasks at hand for forward progression, and monitoring everyone’s mental health in addition to physical health.  As the mental health issues can come out of nowhere.

What are the challenges facing your industry going forward?

In hospitality/tourism, many.  The outlook for meetings and events, how corporate clients will dictate what they will partcipate in; how will consumer sentiment be, and to what level will they engage in going out to experiences; how will the economy and health requirements affect us over the next two years?

Any new trends emerging in your industry?

Certainly from a catering environment, the creation of in home experiences, as well as low touch events such as drive-thru experiences and more.  Times like these bring out the entrepreneurial spirit in many people.

How is the business outlook looking over the next few quarters?

Too challenging to provide any guidance on, which is certainly one of the challenges reflected in your earlier question.  At no previous time in history has the environment been so unknown and volatile.

Any highlights in your business over the last one year?

Being in the hospitality and tourism experience economy we were tracking for our best year on record, with advance bookings, events scheduled and planned which then came to a screeching halt one day mid March.

What really motivates you and inspires you the most?

Seeing our teams coming together during these challenging times to doing whatever they need to do to make us successful.  Being a part of a team like this motivates me in my role in not wanting to let any of them down, or any of our business partners and clients.

Bingemans based out of Kitchener/waterloo is known for its Conference Centre, Camping Resort, FunworX Indoor Playland, Big Splash, Kingpin Bowlounge, Boston Pizza, and Events. For more information kindly log on : http://bingemans.com/


This story is written and edited by  Yugbodh, for The Onside Media, Canada, If you have stories to share kindly email: – info@theonside.com



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