Social Media World is Embracing a New Application D.O.S.T.


Aidan Coleman from Onside Media spoke with Arjun Singh about his company D.O.S.T.

Arjun Singh first came up with the idea for his company while working as an intern at a company in Europe. While working as a business analyst at Neah in Austria Arjun discovered a network of other interns and created connections with people from all over the world. Arjun decided that he wanted to create a social media application that helps connect people in a positive way.  

Arjun decided to name the company D. O. S. T. which means friendship in India because the application promotes global friendships around the world. His application is similar to snapchat as it is centered around sharing pictures digitally around the world. When you sign up as an application user you have the opportunity to send a photo to 10 other randomly selected people across the globe. After the picture has been sent it stays in the message box for 10 hours and can become a chat if the other user decides to reply to the picture. Arjun see’s this application as an opportunity for people around the globe to positively brighten other peoples day. Arjun has noticed that there has been a trend in poor mental health related to traditional social media. Arjun stated that “people are concerned with posting the best version of themselves. They are always stressed about how other people will judge and perceive them.” He hopes his application will promote a culture of building strong relationships with other people around the globe and will give individuals the opportunity to use social media to reflect the real versions of themselves.

Like many entrepreneurs that biggest challenge Arjun has faced has been time and resources. Arjun and his partner Mohamed have taken on the responsibilities of marketing, legal, hr, finance, accounting and technology departments. To combat the limited time and resources Arjun has send out different aspects of the business to freelancers. Arjun recommends using the application Shaper to connect with other individuals about technology and to look into as many online resources as possible. Dost is set to be launched on May 1st, 2019! Check it out on your apple app store or google play account!

This article is authored by Aidan Coleman, Features Writer for The Onside Media, Canada, For comments get in touch 


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