Herman Paek, General Manager, Kijiji Canada shares his excitement and plans for his new role


Herman is ecstatic as he speaks to OnSide Media.

On December 9th, 2020, Kijiji Canada ecstatically announced the addition of Herman Paek as the new General Manager. As Canada’s leading classifieds platform, Kijiji receives over 15 million visits every month. The company is striving to continue this momentum by conveniently providing customers with their buying and selling needs. Since its launch in 2005, Kijiji has linked their users with appliances, furniture, musical instruments, tools, and electronics. In 2019, the site unveiled Kijiji Autos, a convenient place to find used cars, trucks, accessories and other equipment.


Having extensive experience in e-commerce and digital media, Herman Paek’s addition to Kijiji’s leadership team is promising and exciting. Herman is equally thrilled to bring his knowledge and skill set to the highly regarded brand. “I’m excited by Kijiji’s strong position and the opportunity for growth. Kijiji has been around for 15 years and Canadians know they can rely on it. We’ve seen over the last few months, Canadians have evolving expectations and needs when it comes to shopping, earning income, running their businesses and supporting their communities”. With the opportunity of expansion and the challenge the COVID-19 pandemic imposes, Herman will find himself at home while navigating his new role.

In these uncertain times, shoppers are relying on Kijiji’s online services more than ever before. However, Herman is already being proactive in his approach when looking into the future. “We’re in a pivotal moment where the next steps we take can significantly enhance the local trade experience that means so much to millions of Canadians”.

Herman is particularly invested in the personal connection Kijiji has with its users. “It’s a brand that all Canadians know”, he explains. “If you ask anyone in Canada, they probably have a Kijiji story. Personally, I was a big Kijiji user long before I joined the team. The Kijiji platform makes a real impact on Canadians’ lives, whether it’s your neighbor putting a little more cash in their pocket, your friend finding that hard-to-find item or the local business finding new customers”.

Kijiji Photo (instrument)
Kijiji Photo (instrument)

Throughout the pandemic, individuals have had difficulty staying connected to their communities and shopping second-hand safely. Local businesses have also struggled with the restrictions imposed by the government. With his personable approach, Herman is determined to bring a quality experience to every Kijiji user, regardless of their needs.

The addition of Kijiji Autos last year signified a major up-ward trajectory for the brand. Creating a specialized portal separate from the main page, Kijiji dominates in multiple markets. “We’re proud of both the Kijiji and the Kijiji Autos platforms. I’m excited to help strengthen the power and impact of the two platforms together” Herman reflects.

kijiji Photo (computer)

Creating Kijiji Autos was not only a major power move by the company, it also simplifies the process for those who are in the market for a new vehicle. “When it comes to car shopping specifically, there is a wide range of shoppers, including people who are car shopping for the first time and need guidance, and people who know exactly what they’re doing and just want to get there faster. With a dedicated car-shopping platform like Kijiji Autos, we have the unique opportunity to enhance a win-win experience for dealers looking to attract more leads and shoppers with a range of needs”.

As the former Senior Vice President at Loblaw, Herman was responsible for the development of the Loblaw Digital team. Now joining Kijiji, he has the opportunity to have variety of products to offer, while connecting with customers and their unique needs. “I’m excited to look at our customer experience across all of our categories and verticals and bring to life new ways to improve buying, selling and trade”. Although primarily contributing to the e-commerce department, Herman has a strong customer service instinct. “I’m customer-first and always strive to make an impact. I’m grateful to join a strong leadership team and passionate organization. I look forward to empowering the team to discover new opportunities and move the brand forward”.

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