HBO makes it “rain squid” to promote new series Watchmen in New York City and Los Angeles


NEW YORK,¬†Oct. 25, 2019¬†/PRNewswire/ — In anticipation of one of their biggest shows of the year, HBO made a massive splash for¬†Watchmen¬†by utilizing an array of OUTFRONT (NYSE: OUT) out-of-home assets including bus posters, transit shelters, wallscapes, billboards, subway posters, and Liveboards, throughout¬†New York City¬†and¬†Los Angeles.

The campaign maximizes augmented reality (“AR”) on LA and NY bus shelters , which surprises commuters as it appears to “rain squids” from the sky, a reference from the original Watchmen graphic novel and the series’ first episode. This is accomplished by placing a camera directed on the street and superimposing the experience on the current environment. The Liveboards included a real-time countdown that led up to the show’s premiere on Sunday, October 20; an additional eight episodes will be released throughout the season. The series’ all-star cast members include, Regina King, Jeremy Irons, Don Johnson, Jean Smart, Tim Blake Nelson, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and more.

“Squid falling from the sky is a daily reality for the characters in our Watchmen universe, and one that to them isn’t really that odd,” said Yauny Wheaton, VP Program Marketing, HBO. “For commuters in our world though it would be totally unexpected. So, with the use of AR technology we found a way to bring this unique element of the series to life.”

The campaign features the series’ key image and tagline “It’s Time” in bright neon font, which is promoted on both dynamic digital and static displays. With a combination of out-of-home assets placed throughout two of the largest cities in the country, the show is set to have a significant following.

The combination of highly visible out-of-home media formats created huge awareness for Watchmen‘s much anticipated launch,” said Jodi Senese, Chief Marketing Officer of OUTFRONT Media. “HBO utilized a strong mix of static and dynamic digital assets to prime and excite the marketplace for this bold new series.”


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