From Staff Graphic Designer to Resident Homeless Reporter: The Story Behind One of the Straight’s Longest-Serving Journalists

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TORONTO, March 19, 2020 /CNW/ – Vancouver Free Press Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Central Corporation (“MediaCentral”) (CSE: FLYY, FSE: 3AT), today shared the story behind Georgia Straight’s (“the Straight“) contributor Stanley Q. Woodvine, columnist of the thought-provoking series: “Homeless in Vancouver”.

Since 2013, Homeless in Vancouver has been an influential column in Georgia Straight that covers the real-life account of living rough in metro Vancouver. Covering topics ranging from what it is like to be a ‘binner”: someone who collects and refunds glass bottles and cans in exchange for a living, to social commentary on the issues affecting the city from the perspective of someone who lives on the streets.

Penned by Stanley Q. Woodvine, Homeless in Vancouver is authentic reporting at its best. Woodvine has been homeless since 2004 when he fell onto hard times after feeling disengaged with his lifestyle as a freelance writer, illustrator and graphic designer. One of his regular gigs included work for the Straight, where he previously worked full-time. When Woodvine could no longer afford his rent, he decided to self-evict and has been living on the streets, in a parkade ever since. He turned to writing his own Blog called Sqwabb, as a creative outlet to document his experience as a homeless person in Vancouver. Upon discovering Woodvine’s blog, the Straight reached out to bring him back to the publication as a paid contributor.

“Stanley worked with the Straight between 1983-1992, when he was first brought onboard to relaunch the paper, formally known as The Vancouver Free Press. He was also the creative brain behind the version of the emblematic Mr. Wuxtry, our paper’s mascot, over 30 years’ ago and who is still used to this day,” said Charlie Smith, Editor.  “I brought Stanley back onboard as a contributor in 2013 and, thanks to free WiFi in Vancouver, he keeps his blog and our Homeless in Vancouver online section updated with timely stories – from the discovery of Canadian Border Services Agency uniforms in a regional recycling centre, which could have potentially presented a security risk to the city, to coming across blueprints for a rapid transit station which was a major real estate scoop for the Straight“.

MediaCentral’s access to the Straight’s loyal print and online readership helps further their plans to unify the 100 million coveted consumers of alternative urban media across North America and leverage their considerable value across commercial and social verticals. The Straight is the third brand under the MediaCentral banner of high-quality print and digital media properties. MediaCentral acquired Toronto’s NOW Magazine and in November 2019, after having launched its original cannabis digital platform in September of the same year.

“The incredible stories written from the unique perspective of Stanley Q. Woodvine is exactly why it’s important to protect and bring together the 100 million strong audience members of urban media across North America. It’s publications like the Straight that have fostered an editorial spirit to share original voices like Woodvine’s and cultivate a dedicated audience who want to hear them. MediaCentral is committed to telling these stories and so many like them to the millions of our dedicated readers across Canada and around the world,” said Brian Kalish, CEO, MediaCentral.

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