Jennifer Harper: Lipstick for a Cause

Grace Lawson spoke to Jennifer Harper, founder of Cheekbone Beauty about how her brand is helping the First Nation community


Niagara Region, ON – Cheekbone Beauty was conceived as a result of Jennifer Harper’s mission of helping First Nations communities. Jenn Harper, Founder, and CEO wanted to develop a cosmetics brand that was entirely sourced in Canada and did not conduct tests on animals.

At the same time, the idea was to develop a brand that would provide financial assistance and raise awareness about the education of First Nations children.

Cheekbone Beauty
Cheekbone Beauty

The Story behind Cheekbone Beauty

Jennifer’s passion for helping First Nations communities originated from her own experiences as she is half Canadian and half Ojibwe. Before the incorporation of Cheekbone Beauty, she struggled with alcoholism and explained that she felt a missing connection between her and her culture.

In January 2014, Jennifer got sober and only a few months later, she had a dream in which several young First Nations girls appeared wearing lip gloss. She wasn’t quite sure what it meant but quickly realized that make-up was one of her passions.

It was the perfect avenue to help First Nations children to reconnect with their Ojibwe culture. Today, Cheekbone Beauty donates 10% of its profits from all purchases to the First Nations Child & Family Caring Society of Canada (

Cheekbone Beauty
Cheekbone Beauty

Cheekbone Beauty Supporting Education

A major part of Jennifer’s mission came from the fact that First Nations children do not receive significant funding for education. This resulted in a continuous shortage of books, activities for kids, and other resources.

This led to children not having a desire to be in school or to learn which then affects First Nations communities over time. Jennifer ultimately made solving these children’s problems her mission and Cheekbone Beauty was the channel. The most surprising part? The number of people who recognized this passion and stepped up to help through donations and other kinds of support.

Cheekbone Beauty
Cheekbone Beauty

To Jennifer, this was never just about selling make-up, this was about the purpose. Jennifer explains that one can have the most brilliant idea in the world, but if that innovation isn’t connected to mankind through passion, it will not go as far or be as impacting.

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While getting the necessary funding to scale up, which is an uphill task at the moment, she tells us that her ultimate goal is to get into retail so that indigenous people all over the world are able to see brands representing their individual cultures.


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