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Find your shower head is acting up? Or maybe your plumbing just isn’t working the way it used to? Then this is the article for you. When homeowners are looking to upgrade their home at a modest price, they will go shop for the best appliances and the friendliest staff to help assist them. Located in the heart of central Oshawa, Vinpow is a humble, tasteful bathroom outfitter, one of three store locations.

Photo Courtesy: Kayla Stephens – Vinpow Bath Centre – (https://www.vinpow.ca/)

The store is properly lit to show off the shiny clean appliances. I had the pleasure to speak with the Oshawa manager, Chris Buttonshaw to find out more about the owner, Bob Wu and the beautiful bathroom fixtures they supply.

Bob Wu started as a registered plumber who was then inspired to start a business selling bathroom products. The first day of business open to the public was May 18th, 2007, “I knew the products I liked/wanted to work with. I got in contact with some factories to make the items and ordered, the rest is history”. What’s your favorite part about what you do?

Photo Courtesy: Kayla Stephens – Vinpow Bath Centre – (https://www.vinpow.ca/)

“Helping homeowners and contractors get excellent quality items for low prices. We also like offering a variety of styles and colors to personalize your bathroom”. The Vinpow website offers clients to make a registered account to put an item in their shopping cart and save it for later. Great idea if you’re a couple shopping for the right products or want to keep an account for the many times your wife changes her mind.

For those who didn’t know, regular clientele tends to shift a little around the GTA, “Mississauga and Oshawa have a larger homeowner base while Markham is almost exclusively contractors. [Vinpow’s] demographic is homeowners, typically 45+ but with a variety of other age groups”. The store offers various styles to order from for those more inclined to personalize their design, exotic furnishings, or modern fixtures, for example.

Photo Courtesy:Kayla Stephens-  Vinpow Bath Centre – (https://www.vinpow.ca/)

Vinpow’s bathroom products are made from the best sourced materials to last you a lifetime, “Factory-made to our quality specifications in both China and Canada. Bathtubs and shower bases are fiberglass with acrylic coating, and showers are made of tempered glass; vanities are hardwood or MDF with ceramic or quartz stone tops”.

Now, Vinpow is shifting out the older fixtures with new ones ordering from the manufacturer. “In addition, we’re trying to work more closely with some local suppliers and have moved two of our model families to Canadian manufacturers”.

Photo Courtesy: Kayla Stephens – Vinpow Bath Centre – (https://www.vinpow.ca/)

Vinpow does not do installations, but they do accommodate by offering a list of professional plumber and contractor affiliates to install bathroom fixtures. That’s one less thing for clients to have to worry about; finding someone to do the job can be daunting, “We have connections with people who do custom work with stone top and cabinets to a point. Not complete customization, but some moderation with size for their local-build cabinets and size/shape for tops”.

Come out to any of the three locations and meet the personable staff. They will assist you on the road to finding your brand-new bathroom.

For more information Kindly visit :

Website:  https://www.vinpow.ca/store-policy-vinpow

FB: https://www.facebook.com/vinpow.ca

Kayla Stephens
Kayla Stephens

Author: Kayla Stephens, Content Writer, Toronto, Canada. If you have any stories or comments, kindly email: – kstephens755@gmail.com

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