A Magical Journey with Sunwom (선움), the Korean Fantasy Romance Writer in Toronto



Sunwom (선움) outside CN Tower, Toronto, Canada

Nice to meet you, readers. I’m Sunwom (선움), a Korean writer. My journey of writing fantasy romance webnovels began back in 2015, when my passion for crafting unique characters and exploring their intricate dynamics developed. Since then, I’ve published four novels and still have many ideas to be crafted. ✨

I’ve lived in Toronto this past year as I pursued my academic goals. 🎓 This vibrant city was a refreshment, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. I spent time reuniting with friends and meeting new colleagues, which revived my motivation and spirit.

I didn’t really roam around the tourist spots. I explored cozy nooks like Tiny Flower, where I bought flowers to see my friends’ surprised smiles that would warm my heart. And then there’s Neo Coffee Bar, a Japanese-style pastries cafe that tastes amazing 🍰. I mean, I always crave Asian desserts because they aren’t too sweet.

Sunwom (선움) outside Fairmont Le Château in Quebec

🌇 Toronto has two faces—by day, it’s a bustling hive of activity, with people continuously moving forward. The city breathes with life, and I relished basking in the sunlight and gentle breeze while enjoying minding or not minding others. But as the sun sets, Toronto transforms into a calm and free city 🌙. The city lights create an aura of privacy, allowing me to sneak glimpses of people, their laughter, and their parts of life as they weave through the night.

The times in Toronto inspired my creativity in various paths. Interacting with diverse individuals reminded me that we’re all complex beings, with strengths, weaknesses, kindness, and occasional cluelessness 🧠.  These encounters have pushed me for my forthcoming fantasy romance novel, launching on August 2nd, 2023, on KaKaoPage! I wish for smiles, laughter, and maybe even some tears as you encounter the journey I’ve created.



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