Voyager Launches “The Keurig of Cannabis” With Innovative Customizable Dispenser

A Conversation with president Arjen Melis


Since the legalisation of cannabis in 2018, the market has opened its doors to an array of possibilities in the Health and Wellness industry. Offering formulas in oil tinctures, capsules, and topical products, both THC and CBD have been incorporated into products to offer miraculous solutions to health concerns such as chronic pain, anxiety, and depression.

However, such a diverse market may be easy to navigate for someone who has experienced cannabis but maybe intimidating for someone who is brand new. Finding the proper dose for one’s individual needs can be difficult because it is easy to take too much when used for the first time.

Voyager Cannabis

Voyager saw a brilliant opportunity in these unresolved matters and developed a seamless dispenser that makes cannabis use more accessible. The self-proclaimed “Keurig of Cannabis” allows users to customize their dose based on potency and their desired effect. Voyager offers four formulas and two pod formats; oil drops for sublingual use and beverage drops to add to any drink.

Voyager was co-founded in 2019 by entrepreneurs Elad Barak, Giovanni Gerbolini, and Arjen Melis. While Elad and Giovanni had backgrounds in medical consumerism, Arjen approached this new endeavour with a CPG lens (Consumer Packaged Goods). Operating in a brand new market that had been illegal for over 30 years proved to be exciting yet challenging.

Voyager Cannabis Products

“We felt that bringing people who were not regular smokers onboard in the cannabis space would be difficult”, Arjen reflects. “There is the issue of smoking, smell, and the ease by which you could actually use it. We figured that the current lineup was great for those who were used to consuming cannabis, but we saw an opportunity to work with people who were new”.

Initially, the Voyager team wanted to pursue cannabis-infused beverages due to their convenience. After learning how capital intensive a standard canned cannabis drink would be to produce, Voyager had to pivot in its approach to this model. That is when they discovered Mio Sport, a water flavour enhancer.

Arjen Melis, Co-Founder and President at Voyager Products Inc.

“It’s mainly for sports., and it allows one to bring water with them and pick their desired dosage. That really got us thinking, if one can add cannabis at the very end of the beverage of choice, one wouldn’t need all that capital, wouldn’t need to make the decision on what flavour, and the potency question is solved because people can choose”.

While the “Keurig of Cannabis” is an enticing claim, the brand’s detrimental practices towards the environment surround the Keurig name. When asked about how Voyager plans to reduce its ecological footprint, Arjen explained, “Keurig removed consumers from making a full pot of coffee, with a relatively small ecological footprint, to making a single cup, which has a significantly larger ecological footprint”.

Voyager’s dispensers are concerned with efficiency, but the pods are not creating numerous amounts of waste. “Instead of consumers buying single cans of cannabis-infused drinks, we provide pods that contain the concentrated cannabis oil”. Amongst the launch, Voyager is also developing a Pod Return Program, where consumers can mail their used pods, and the company will recycle them.

With cannabis being Voyager’s introduction to Health and Wellness, Arjen and his team are excited to eventually venture out into other sectors of the industry. Voyager will continue to provide innovative ways for people to customize their healthcare. The seamless and sleek dispenser is suitable for busy lifestyle. Users can choose from Lift, Passion, Rested and Ease to achieve their desired effect.

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