How to build a network from Scratch in Toronto: Burak Ozsoy


How to build a network?

As we all know, making connections with people is very crucial. Especially when it comes to taking a step forward in your career. It is a proven fact that meeting people and building a network highly creates new opportunities. In this article, I will be giving some tips about how to build a network.

Be bold

First, be bold and have the courage to have a conversation! I know it might be difficult for some of us to start a conversation with a random person but, even though it sounds scary, people are much friendlier than you think!

Attend Events

Second, find events that can help you to get together with people! There are lots of events specifically created to connect with alike minds and to help people build a network. One thing that I learned as a creative person, is that we are not alone, and it might be very easy to take a huge step forward by just attending one of these events.


Third, it is okay to do volunteer work! Many of us need to start from somewhere to build a network to advance in our careers and lives, volunteer work or internships are providing the time for you to get used to the environment that you are going to work in and let you break the ices between you and potential friends or colleagues.

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Be Yourself

Fourth as the last, if you are a future content creator or if you are doing anything related to any art form, just keep being yourself! Be creative, produce and create content about what you are passionate about.

There is a Turkish proverb that I really like, and I would like to share in this article; the direct translation from Turkish is “What comes out thirty-two teeth, spreads to thirty-two neighborhoods” which means works and inputs spread from mouth to mouth as much as the amount of your input. Personally, that is how I built my network here in Canada, I just kept on doing videos and it spread.

That might be the thing you are looking for to create a better network for yourself so don’t be afraid to keep working on the things that you are passionate about.

That is all from this article, I hope you enjoyed it and I hope this article gives you the idea of building a network as a person.

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Stay tuned for the next articles and peace!

Author Burak Ozsoy is based in of Toronto, Canada and is currently studying at Lambton College. He is a Videographer and a Content Creator.

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