Crafting Connections: Kimberley Rivando Robb’s RetroScripts Journey


Stories that combine passion, a deep sense of purpose, and personal experiences with business narratives are common in the busy world of entrepreneurship. RetroScripts’ creative director, Kimberley Rivando Robb, personifies this fusion by skilfully piecing together her experiences, goals, and sources of inspiration into a one-of-a-kind creation. Kimberley started her journey with a foundation in academia and a passion for language and writing.

Equipped with a degree in English Language and Literature, a post graduate degree in Journalism New Media as well as a PSW diploma, she set on to discover the world. Kimberley looks back with nostalgia on her time at Brock, emphasizing how important a part the school played in determining her future. “Sports was great there,” she remembers, giving a nod to her enthusiastic involvement in the rugby squad.

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The founder and owner- Kimberley Rivando Robb

But it was a life-changing experience Kimberley had while working at a hospice that set her on her path to transformation. On a quiet night shift, Kimberley was comforting a patient who was showing fear. She naively asked why her patient was afraid of dying in the hopes of easing her pain, but was told it wasn’t death she was afraid of instead she was afraid of being forgotten. This sparked something inside of Kimberley, a desire to investigate this notion further. Influenced by compassion and a common interest in narratives, Kimberley started working with the patient to help her write a quick recount of her life to leave behind for her family. This moving event acted as a pivot, pushing Kimberley in the direction of her real purpose.

Today, Kimberley steers her love of writing into a multifaceted endeavour that breaks beyond traditional limits as the founder of RetroScripts. RetroScripts is a haven where life stories are preserved, self-care is celebrated as an art form, and community involvement is key. It is more than just a business.

Retro Scripts and its sister companies

It’s a dedication to authenticity and excellence is at the heart of RetroScripts’ culture. Every aspect of Kimberley’s business, from the locally sourced, natural ingredients in her self-care products to the intimate, tailored memoir and legacy ,writing services, grief support, etc. is imbued with her fastidious attention to detail. It’s a labour of passion that resonates profoundly with clients who are looking for meaningful experiences and real connections—far beyond simple profit margins.

The Sisters of RetroScripts represent a wide range of nourishing energies, each of which cultivates a special channel for individual development and creativity.

RetroScripts Creates is a company that thrives in dynamic, boundary-pushing environments and supports people from all walks of life in discovering their true, wild selves. RetroScripts Writers finds comfort in the methodical pursuit of information and the leisurely immersion in written works.

Women Selling
Retro Script’s stall at Brock University

They combine rigorous academic rigor with a profound appreciation for unhurried creativity. RetroScripts Supports, on the other hand, offers a caring hand at times of loss and end-of-life transitions. It advocates for a holistic approach based in community and nature, with the goal of fostering a harmonious balance between humans and the environment and fostering a world that is healthier and more mindful for everyone.

RetroScripts is a beacon of authenticity in an age of digital devices and short attention spans. Although Kimberley uses social media sites like Instagram to spread her message, she recognizes the built-in challenges brought on by algorithmic whims. Despite these challenges, she is unwavering in her resolve to cultivate real relationships with her audience.

In the future, Kimberley foresee RetroScripts offering more services, such as interactive workshops, memberships based on subscription, and a strong commitment to community involvement. RetroScripts is a reflection of Kimberley’s unshakable faith in the transformative power of narrative, self-awareness, and holistic well-being, not merely her commercial endeavour.

Kimberley’s guiding principle, “Live life by your own rules; societies are not made for everyone,” is still relevant today as RetroScripts grows. It’s a motto that perfectly captures her persistent devotion to honesty, her indomitable spirit, and her reluctance to fit in with society’s expectations. RetroScripts stands out as a peaceful oasis in a world full of noise and diversions, where people value tales, self-care is highly valued, and community is encouraged. At its core is Kimberley Rivando Robb, a visionary, entrepreneur, and writer whose unwavering dedication to her profession inspires everyone who comes into contact with her.

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Kwina Patel

Author: Kwina Patel is a fourth year business communication student at Brock University pursuing BA(Hons.). She is fond of travelling and learning new things, moreover, love for language and storytelling has always been her passion. If you would like to share stories please email:



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