Brian Jorgenson, Former SVP Fiserv Cash & Logistics joins Perativ as a Senior Advisor


TORONTO,¬†Nov. 24, 2020¬†/CNW/ – Perativ Holdings Inc. (“Perativ”), a retail bank focused SaaS platform that replaces classic cash forecasting to drive breakthrough cost reductions and cash optimization in bank ATM and Branch cash distribution networks is pleased to announce that Mr.¬†Brian Jorgenson¬†has joined as a Senior Advisor.

Perativ-Brian Jorgenson- Former SVP Fiserv Cash - Logistics join
Brian Jorgenson joins Perativ as a Senior Advisor (CNW Group/Perativ)

Perativ helps banks to integrate and automate the four core functions that impact cash distribution costs: cash forecasting, load compliance, treasury reconciliation, and bulk cash ordering.¬† Ensuring that all four functions operate in real time and inform each others activity eliminates idle cash, minimizes Emergency Cash Loads (ECL’s) and reduces workload.¬† The enhanced bank data generated by Perativ also positions banks to further transform their entire cash distribution ecosystems more effectively delivering further cash optimization.

Developed over 10 years on an estate of 10,000 ATMs, Perativ is now offered to retail banks around the world as they struggle to improve cash forecasting and materially reduce the costs of cash distribution while meeting continuing customer demand for cash and focusing on digital channels and branch transformation.  Mr. Jorgenson will leverage his experience and relationships in cash forecasting and cash management solutions to add value to the global Perativ Cash Forecasting platform.

Mr. Jorgenson has more than 20 years of experience in executive and product management leadership roles at leading companies including Fiserv, Sabre and Toyota.  He is currently the General Manager and Business Information Officer for Corporate Systems for Toyota Financial Services.

Mr. Jorgenson’s experience includes 17 years of experience in retail banking cash forecasting and cash logistics. Mr. Jorgenson led the development and global retail bank deployments of leading cash forecasting and other cash logistics solutions.¬† He is a leading global expert on retail bank cash forecasting.

He started his career as a consultant with EY and quickly gained an interest in bank cash management.¬† In 2003, he joined Carreker (later acquired by Fiserv) and helped to build and launch the leading retail bank cash forecasting solution, Integrated Currency Operations Manager or iCom. Maintaining a focus on cash forecasting for 17 years, he is recognized as a leader in the space having led Fiserv’s global cash forecasting and logistics business.

“Brian brings an incredible breadth and depth of knowledge into the global retail bank cash management business and I am proud he has joined our global advisory committee,” said¬†Chris Chandler, Founder & CEO of Perativ.

Chris Chandler¬†recently interviewed¬†Brian Jorgenson¬†to discuss some of the challenges faced by retail banks using classic cash forecasting techniques. The full video can be accessed on Perativ’s YouTube channel:¬†