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The process for getting a G license or driving license in Canada differs in each province. I live in Toronto, so new entrants to Ontario, Canada, must pass theoretical and road tests before getting a driver’s license in Canada, even if they have many years of driving experience outside Canada. It is helpful to take the time to familiarize yourself with the road signs and traffic laws of your state, and don’t forget to bring your DL extract from your home country.


This is the first step toward licensing. G1 is a 40-question theoretical test of rules and traffic signs at your nearest drive center. This is a walking test and does not require any online reservation. It costs you about $ 106.

Driving Test


G2 is the second license that needs to show you how to drive a car in the city while following the speed limit and all the rules. If you have no experience, you will have to wait eight months for this test. Also, if you have more than three years of experience, take the examination the day after G1. It costs you $ 52.5. With this driver’s license, you can drive anytime, anywhere. However, there are some restrictions. B. Alcohol content must always be zero, everyone’s seat belt is responsible, and it is not possible to carry more than one person until the age of 20. Don’t forget to take your car with you for the driving test. You can book this test on or call the drive’s customer executive. Make sure you have enough time to wait before calling.


G is the last and last license you need to drive freely in Canada. This test is the same as the G2 but on both the highway and the city. If you have no experience, you can take this test 12 months after G2. If you already have experience, you can submit your G2 as soon as you receive it. It costs $ 91.25 at the nearest drive test center, but you need to book online. The process of booking this test is as same as G2

Benefits of a G license

We recommend that you obtain a G license as soon as you qualify because a G License holder can drive any car, small truck, van, or a combination of other vehicles and towed vehicles weighing up to 11000kg. A G license holder cannot drive a motorcycle, air-brake-equipped vehicles like a transport truck, bus, or other large vehicles. It does not expire (only additional tests are required when you reach age) and will lower the insurance rate. Also, you are free to work as a Uber driver, snow removal, distributer, and valet parking employee.

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