What a woman is a today, the nation will be tomorrow


We finished March 2021 strong. Having interviewed many hustling women from several backgrounds and with different statuses, it is undoubtedly evident that their success can take a hike when given the freedom and equality to the underrepresented population. Fortunately, Canada offers an environment that augurs success to women and thus retains their individuality.

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It is indeed a challenge when work-life balance comes into play. Women can manage this aspect as Canada offers a wide variety of programs to keep the kids busy in productive activities. Many family businesses in Canada are based on women’s skills while their male counterparts are handling the technical features.

 “I can focus on my business as my husband is my backbone. He manages the accounting department”, Cecilia Jude Fernando, who runs UCMAS business, stated this as the main reason for success behind the ongoing business.

It will not be enough justice to the system if we ignore the fact that Canada has unquestionably provided vital means and accessible resources to run businesses following various strategies and business models.

Mehwish Yasin, the sole runner of her dentistry practice business in Oakville area, when asked how she balances her professional and personal life, very calmly remarked, “I just gave birth to my daughter six weeks ago, but if it’s your own practice, you have to run the show, so I go pretty much every day even if it is for a few hours sometimes.”

The hard facts and stereotypes have broken down once women have proven how doable their achievements can be. It is out-and-out that it just takes a shift in perspective, and then the dynamics of the entire vantage point changes. Nevertheless, when the pandemic hit, many businesses faced unprecedented times, and so did the women entrepreneurs. Many companies took a virtual shape while the physical offices were on standby.

 “While my salon is closed temporarily until the COVID situation clears out, I am giving online consultation to my clients,” explained Musarrat Hijazi, who owns TrendSassy Salon in Mississauga. “Currently, a part of our business has shifted on a virtual platform.”

From education to salon and spa, from real estate to interior decoration, women are thriving and pushing to exploit their skills and utilize what the state offers. They can market their businesses online, and once established, word of mouth works for them.

“My daughter comes up with several logo designs for my company as she is very creative.” Neveen Faress, a real estate owner, a single mother, proudly quantified. “I started virtual showing for my clients, and it is definitely hard to balance work and personal life at the same time, but I start my day on a very positive note, and this helps me get much work done”.

It is not to say that there are no hurdles while being a woman entrepreneur but incapacitating those obstacles is what it takes to run a business successfully. It is also not to say that a set of scales remains steady while pursuing a career and at the same time, managing ongoing family duties. But the domestic chores and the career pathway elements are prioritized based on every woman’s circumstances.

Women, so far, are letting their dreams take a flight and are touching the lives of women entrepreneur aspirants.

Prompting of a feminine soul: 

The positive energy driven by a feminine soul is very vast and deep in nature. It creates an aura on and around to keep nurturing the other female as well as male species. I truly pay tribute, especially to women in the business industry, because despite being deemed weaker sex, they rise above society’s severe challenges. The women mentioned above and many others have steered a conventional female life to a purpose-driven life by seeding in steady and slow positive thoughts by infusing enthused actions to reach their objectives.

Today, they are mindfully working on their intentions to serve the purpose of life by capitalizing on all their skills to craft the life that they want.

The accolade is an essential aspect that I would pay to these women as telling one’s story of resolve and commitment in itself is a cause of change for anybody’s life. Tribute to them will always be a part of my success story.

Sarah Syed
Sarah Syed

Author: Sarah Syed, Content writer, Toronto, Canada. If you have more stories to share, kindly email: – saraimransyed@hotmail.com


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