Sisters Sweets and Treats: The story of three sisters and a little sugar.


Three sisters from Brampton, Ontario, Jasmeet, Jaskeerat, and Ravdeep Matharu have come together to start baking goodness for all occasions of life, and their story reminds us of sibling love. We couldn’t help but wonder how it all started.

How did the three of you come together and decided to do this?

Growing up, the three of us has a passion for baking. Whether it be a birthday, mother’s day, or an anniversary, we always baked something sweet to celebrate those moments in life. Back in 2020, during our winter break, the three of us made cake pops for fun (something we always did), which resulted in creating Sisters Sweets andTreats. Our family and friends encouraged us to turn this into something more. Although we didn’t start taking orders until June, January 6th, we made our account and a plan for what we wanted to create.

How did you come up with the name?

The three of us were just sitting in one of our rooms when we got a message from one of our close friends who had sent us a message encouraging us to start a business; moments later, we began brainstorming ideas. We wanted to ensure our name has sentiment and meaning to it as we are three sisters turning our passion into a business. We threw around several names with the word ‘sister’ in it, but we also wanted to ensure it stood out when we came up with SistersSweetsandTreats!

What is your best-selling product?

We have had many returning customers who have come back to order the same treats multiple times. Our top three best-selling products have been our chocolate brownie explosion cake, our chocolate-covered strawberries, and our cake pops. 

How is it working with sisters? Do you guys ever fight over anything, or is it always balanced and fun?

The three of us literally couldn’t have done it without each other and the support from all our followers. As three sisters, we already disagree on several things so you could imagine there have been many fights/disagreements regarding completing the orders. All three of us are working full time and throughout the year enrolled in full-time studies so you could imagine how hectic things have gotten for us.

 How did the community aid you in your journey?

Our community has been of considerable support, especially during the beginning of our business. We have gotten an abundance of love and support from our community which means the world to us! Our primary outreach to customers is Brampton/GTA. However, we’ve completed orders for customers from Vaughan, Caledon, and Richmond as well. We did not expect so many people to approach us as we were starting. By the time it was mid-July, we had several orders a day and were almost always fully booked every week. Our customers did support our local small business, and we cannot thank everyone enough!

How has the business changed with covid?

As we started just a few months before covid, we had already purchased our packaging and most of our supplies online. It was not so difficult in the beginning trying to get our products on time until the 2021 lockdowns took place, restricting in-person shopping for our ingredients and any last-minute shopping trips. It also made things a little stressful as our online orders would take longer to come in due to the order backups at Canada post, amazon, and DHL.

What is the biggest challenge you are facing as an entrepreneur right now?

The biggest challenge for us is trying to run a business during the lockdown in a house full. Clashing schedules, sleepless nights were challenging to manage, but we are always getting past those days.

What is your everyday routine like now (in terms of work)?

The three of us are at work full time. Nowadays, two of us are at work during the day, and one is at work overnights. So we plan our baking/decorating times accordingly. That way, either one of us can work on the orders after work. There are days we lose sleep and overwork ourselves; however, the outcome of our work is genuinely satisfying.

Do you have advice for other entrepreneurs trying to start their businesses at such a young age?

If you have a passion and want to make it into a business, go for it! Growing up in this generation, we have unlimited access to an abundance of resources. With social media being such a great resource, it is an easy form of getting your products/services out there. Use your energy towards something YOU enjoy.

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Ravleen Bali
Ravleen Bali

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