Moroccan treasures in Toronto: Jacqueline, Founder, Mashi Moosh


We have all been staying at home for far too long now. If you would like to revamp your room with some artistic home décor items that will transport you to Morocco, you should check out Mashi Moosh. Jacqueline founded Mashi Moosh, and this beautiful store is located on Danforth Avenue, in Toronto. She spoke to us about how she started the store and her love for all things Moroccan.

Jacqueline, Founder Mashi Moosh

Mashi Moosh is an interesting name, so we asked her what does it mean?

Mashi Moosh comes from the common Moroccan expression ‘mashi mushkil’, simply meaning ‘not a problem’. This more carefree outlook is something Jacqueline now tries to live by. She started her business in 2017, shortly after her mother passed away. She was in a corporate finance job for years, but the loss she experienced made her realize that life is too short not to be doing something she is happy and passionate about. She decided to leave the corporate world, took a giant leap of faith, and began the journey of her start-up.

Mashi Moosh, Store Front-Danforth Avenue, Toronto

Jacqueline loves travelling and after visiting Morocco, she fell in love with the Moroccan aesthetic and culture. Wanting others to experience it, she decided to open a Moroccan boutique! She started with a pop-up shop and later, as the community’s love of her products grew, she opened a permanent store selling home décor and gifts sourced from Morocco. She believes beautiful, functional, and comfortable home decor is more important than ever now, as we are all spending so much time at home.

Jacqueline set up her permanent shop in late 2019, when the pandemic was just starting. With the closure of storefronts in early 2020, Jacqueline needed to transition into more online sales. While she prefers customers to shop in her bricks-and-mortar store, so they can feel and see her products (for their texture, colour, and quality), she recognizes that this is not possible during our lockdowns. Throughout this time, she is offering curb-side pickup and free Toronto delivery, and does the GTA deliveries herself. Many of us miss going into stores, as online shopping simply does not provide the same experience.

Mashi Moosh products(Picture Courtesy: Mashi Moosh)

Despite the many limitations and hardships that the pandemic has brought, Jacqueline is quick to see the silver linings. People are now much more aware of the importance of shopping local and small business, and community directories and Facebook pages have been created highlighting the many wonderful small businesses in our city. These community initiatives have been helpful in bringing new customers to Mashi Moosh, and Jacqueline is most grateful for this.

Mashi Moosh products(Picture Courtesy: Mashi Moosh)

Her message to other small/medium start-ups is not to give up hope and to try to keep your vision alive, even during difficult times.


Mashi Moosh products(Picture Courtesy: Mashi Moosh)

We give more power to these entrepreneurs standing strong in the pandemic and hope that these stories inspire everyone to keep doing what they are doing!

For more information kindly visit: 

Mashi Moosh is located at 1840 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4C 1H8 – + 1 416 885-0704



Ravleen Bali
Ravleen Bali


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