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Ever wonder what life would look like as a model? If the answer is yes, Toronto-based Kasey K. (@Kasey.Odyin Instagram) is a published freelance alternative model. She has experience in cosplay, horror, and acceptable nude modeling genres. She is a professional in the art industry. She has been published in magazines: Edith, Dominante, Moevir, and Vigour by photographers Rob Falzon, Zurab Kaisidi, and Dwayne Morgan. 

The exciting news is that Kasey has recently started her new venture event planning and hosting under @kreative.kreation.meets (Instagram). Kasey K here talks about what it takes to be in the creative industry and how to do it safely.

Picture by Zurab Kaisidi

When did you decide to take up modeling and why? 

I decided to take up modelling in the year 2016; it was after I left an abusive relationship. It was more to express myself, and once I was free of that relationship, I was driven to experience freedom and wanted to build my confidence.

Who are your biggest model inspirations?

I like Luna Xtreme @lunaxtremeofficial (Instagram) style, and her grungy, dark photos are always inspirational. Besides her, I also like Shannon Marie, @shannon.marie.xo (Instagram), as her poses are unique. 

 Long story short, I like to draw my inspiration from many people, and it helps me learn, grow, and get out of my comfort zone to try new things with my modelling.

Purple cage by Toni Duffin photography

Where do you get to model, and what takes place to make a published shoot?

I have shot in Toronto, Oshawa, Hamilton, Mississauga, and all over Ontario. In the future, I would like to expand on this possibly shoot in Quebec, Calgary, Vancouver, but we will see about getting over the covid bridge whenever we get there. 

A lot takes place to make a published shoot. The photographers set up lights and the camera equipment. I make sure hair and makeup are ready and perfect. If there’s an MUA (makeup artist) on the team, I have to have enough time to arrive early for makeup and leave enough time to shoot. It’s about preparing outfits and accessories to go with the costumes and show up overly prepared, at least I do, bringing everything but the kitchen sink. 

What is your favorite genre to model?

Cosplay – I get to play as my favorite character; seeing myself as that character in the photos is a fantastic feeling. I am very comfortable while cosplays, horror however i love Nudes shoots because I can express myself more and be free. I’m a sex-positive role model, but modeling nude is not sexual. Another favorite genre is horror from my love of classic horrors.

Rereading shot by Andrew Perrins

What’s your favorite perk about modeling?

My favorite perk is seeing new places and trying new experiences like shooting on canoes, kayaks, boats, jet skiing, and something that really excites me.

What should aspiring models know before deciding on this career path that you wish you knew starting?

Before entering the industry, I recommend that aspiring models do their background research regarding whom they are shooting with, the photograph, the venue, and the works to avoid unsafe situations. Always check for references before you agree to do a shoot. 

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