We are promoting a sense of calm and well-being: Gabriela Acosta, Como La Flor


When the thoughts run wild and boredom creeps in and you feel trapped in the four walls during the lockdown, Como La Flor comes to your rescue! 

Como La Flor makes handcrafted soy candles handcrafted with the highest quality of essential oils to add fragrance. The candles made with love, promoting a sense of calm and well-being. Gabriela Acosta is the founder of Como La Flor.  She graduated from Wilfrid Laurier with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and is currently working in the marketing department of a modern furniture company specializing in transitional and contemporary furnishings. Here she talks to Onside Media about her entrepreneurial journey. 

Gabriela Acosta, Founder, Como La Flor

What makes your product stand out among others? 

Our candles are unique, as whimsical candles are thoughtfully crafted in different shapes, sizes, colors, and scents to create a statement in your space and made to brighten your day. Our current designs consist of bubbles, squiggles, knots, seashells, and body shapes. Made from 100% soy wax, non-toxic, vegan, biodegradable, and a renewable resource, unlike paraffin wax. Lead and metal-free cotton wicks that are clean-burning and less likely to produce soot. Como la flor naturally gives your space a calmer and more pleasant-smelling ambiance.

Como La Flor Candles(Picture Courtesy: Como La Flor Instagram)

How did you come up with the name Como La Flor for your company?

Flowers release chemicals in our brain that promote feel-good emotions. When you receive flowers, you release dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin, which all help decrease anxiety, boost creativity, and result in that smile on your face. It’s a feeling I love and want people to feel when you buy our candles. I liked the name to encapsulate the same feeling. I searched ‘fleur’ and “flor’ which means flower in French and Spanish but found it a general term.

I was so keen on including the word flower in the name, and that’s when I thought of “Como La Flor” like the song from Selena Quintanilla, a famous American/Mexican singer. I grew up listening to her music and loved everything she stood for. The name just felt perfect as it translates to “Like a flower,” which is exactly what I wanted to capture. At first, I was worried people wouldn’t understand it since it’s in Spanish, but I am Latina, and it just tied in perfectly. I shared the name with my family and friends, and everyone loved it. That’s when Como la flor was born!

Como La Flor Candles(Picture Courtesy: Como La Flor Instagram)

What pushed you to introduce soy candles to the world?

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial passion. I’ve always loved candles and enjoy burning them when I want to unwind and hang out. After seeing some cute candles online but in Europe and nowhere to be found in Canada, I started to research. At the time, my best friend, who owns her own business, had sourced vintage glasses and was looking to source wax to make candles in her glasses.

I realized that this could be a business and locally sourced soy wax; I ordered molds and began making my candles. I quickly became obsessed with my decorative candles, and people I shared them with had never seen candles in the shapes I had made. I got a big push to pursue this venture from my partner, family, and friends. So, I took Instagram-able pictures, created a website, and ordered a ton of wax to keep up with the demand – I sold out by just selling to friends and family before launching my site. Now I am multitasking with Netflix in the background as I make my candles!

Como La Flor Candles(Picture Courtesy: Como La Flor Instagram)

How has your team tackled the challenges posed by COVID-19?

Our business started amidst a pandemic. We launched in December 2020 and built it using digital strategies. It’s the only way to do it right now. No one can attend markets or have pop-ups where you can put your product out in front of hundreds of people. Therefore, I must rely heavily on social media and word of mouth to market my products.

Since Como La Flor was born during the Pandemic, I haven’t had to adapt much. I’ll have to adjust once everything is back to normal, but who knows when that will be. I wear gloves to make the candles and sanitize my packages before shipping or delivering. I also offer curbside pick-up and social distant regulations for all involved in the process. Keeping everyone and myself safe is my top priority.

Como La Flor Candles(Picture Courtesy: Como La Flor Instagram)

Where do you see your company in the next five years?

At Como la flor, we are committed to providing our customers with the newest designs and best natural materials. I am currently working on new techniques, fresh scents, and sourcing accessories. I want Como la flor to be a one-stop-shop for all your candle needs. I would love to include my candles in larger gatherings like parties and weddings as decor pieces or party favors – of course, once the lockdowns are lifted. Some influencer collaborations would also be fun! They can design their own Como la flor candle. 

For more information on Como La Flor kindly visit
Website- comolaflor.co
Founder Email- hello@comolaflor.co
Instagram- @comolaflor.co

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