CMA supports efforts to eliminate hate on social platforms


TORONTO,¬†July 2, 2020¬†/CNW/ –¬†The Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) today issued a statement announcing that it has initiated a conversation with Facebook to reinforce the need to advance and implement meaningful solutions to eliminate hate speech, incitement and misinformation.

“Standing together against hate is universal and necessary,” said¬†John Wiltshire, the CMA’s president and CEO. “As the voice of the marketing profession in¬†Canada, the CMA strongly supports brands who use their influence to affect positive social change.”

The CMA’s action is in response to the recent advertising boycott by major brands in¬†Canada¬†and the U.S. who are concerned about the impact of hate speech on social media platforms. The CMA has offered to help Facebook implement necessary platform changes in¬†Canada¬†to eliminate hate speech that divides people, contributes to racism and violence, and undermines democracy.

“Marketing is a strategic driver of business success,” Wiltshire noted. “As marketing professionals, we are all committed to pursuing our goals with respect and dignity.”

The CMA’s full statement is available¬†here.