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I really love seeing local businesses take off near my hometown, and I am very excited for Candace Keane, a resident of Clarington. She’s currently expanding her beauty work into an online group of people from around the world, and we could not be happier for her.

Candace Keane

I’m wondering if her clients are local to the area as well, so we asked her how well does she know her clients?

Do I personally know my clientele? I would say I know 50 percent of my clientele. I also run an online business with lashes, skincare, and make-up, and upcoming as soon as April 1st, 2021, my lash company is going global. I’ve never worn lashes, but I’m considering now that I’ve seen the beautiful pictures.

Most business owners have to require a people-going personality to relate and please their customers, and we believe Keane has this quality.

She goes on to add, “My favorite thing about being a business owner is definitely meeting new people/new faces. I am treating them, pampering them. Making them feel beautiful or either re-charged. Every woman needs to take care of herself in every aspect mentally, physically, and emotionally.”  and we agree with this a hundred percent. Your health should come before many of the things in your life, otherwise, how can you help others?

Meraki Beauty Bar

Keane has many projects on the move, and the pandemic is not slowing her down in any sense.

At the beginning of April, they will be able to move into a new space. Re-open the spa doors. Their lash company is going global, and the skincare line is available now to clients in the US and she is very excited about the expansion.

The Gold Oxidizing Mask(Pictures Courtesy:

Keane is helping us realize how much of our lives revolve around how we treat our body, from skincare to what we eat? Have you developed a new hobby during this pandemic?

Maybe not a new hobby for myself but the luxury of more home-cooked meals. The pace settled down. Painting and refinishing old furniture, they have turned into beautiful pieces. I really did a lot of walks, baths, me time. A new puppy so that was my happiest moment in lockdown.

Model wearing magnetic lashes(Pictures Courtesy:

Many have struggled with having their businesses stay afloat through the pandemic. I wasn’t sure how a beauty business like hers would be affected considering the online business, and for the store usually, you have to be in close proximity, so I wonder what is one of the hardest things she has had to face, “A challenge for entrepreneurs?

I, like most, would have to say the biggest challenge would be the opening/re-opening part became challenging for any business owner. I never believed this could happen in my lifetime. A lot of us were left in a very uncertain state. Of mind and suspense. It was unfortunate last year that many small businesses around the GTA had shut down permanently, but I think our persistence will shine through with her efforts.

The beauty industry can be physically demanding depending on the sector, but people will always require the service in one shape or form. It is an art and talent to reciprocate care to people and leave them knowing you helped make their day. No matter if there is a pandemic, the beauty brands are still climbing in profits and people are ordering many of their favorite products online to save the hassle of going out and buying in person.

It is a smart move to convert to online websites with a part of your business, and it is a great tool to reach more people.




Kayla Stephens
Kayla Stephens


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