ART SMART Launches: 9 Immersive Art Tour Experiences


NEW YORK,¬†Oct. 25, 2019¬†/PRNewswire/ — Beginning on¬†November 1, 2019,¬†ART SMART, a premier company offering custom art tours for event planners, travel agents, individuals, and businesses, will launch 9 new art experiences across¬†New York City¬†(NYC). These tours will be held at famed spaces such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, AMNH, and galleries throughout the¬†Chelsea, Hudson Yards, and High Line neighborhoods.

The 9 tours in NYC include:

  • Jewelry Tour & Jewelry Crafting Experience with VIP visit to 5th Avenue shops
  • Tech x Art Tour at Chelsea Galleries including digital, robotic, and AI-inspired art
  • Hudson Yards & High Line for an art and architecture tour in a cultural and shopping hub including the Vessel and Edge
  • Private Art Collections Tour for access to exclusive, high-end art collections
  • After-hours access and art buying experience in Chelsea
  • Secret Stories of Color with insider information about the blackest black paints, including Vantablack and Singularity Black
  • Diversity & Inclusion Art Tour with a focus on contemporary African American and LGBTQ artists
  • Pet & Dog-Themed Tour
  • Tis the Season Holiday Tree Tour

In concert, ART SMART introduces its Gift of Good Taste program – a holiday promotion to give the gift of insider cultural experiences to friends, loved ones, and colleagues. The gift cards can be redeemed for ART SMART’s tours that showcase insider information and access, and play up experiential opportunities.

“These insider’s tours with special access and experiences are how people want to spend their leisure time now. Clients love creating a custom piece of their own during our jewelry tour, and technology is making art more interactive,” said Judith Walsh, Owner and CEO of ART SMART, “And company teams are getting so much out of our bespoke tours and event experiences customized to their industry. The diversity theme in particular is part of a larger trend where companies and individuals are investing their focus and resources.”

Connecting to the ever-trending popularity of man’s best friend, ART SMART introduces its new real puppy dog mascot, featured on Instagram, in coordination with dog-themed art tours.



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