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NEW YORK,¬†Feb. 27, 2018¬†/PRNewswire/ —¬†With spring just around the corner, college kids and working millennials alike are planning their end of winter getaways. Leading online travel agency¬†CheapOairhas compared data and analyzed trends on where millennials are heading this year, how much they are spending, and how these destinations have changed year over year.

While millennials are still traveling to popular spring break destinations such as Mexico and Jamaica, booking data shows that travelers ages 21-30 are also getting more adventurous this year and heading to overseas destinations like Thailand, Vietnam, New Zealand, and Bali.

Top 20 Most Popular Spring Destinations for Millennials in 20181

Domestic Destinations

Average Airfare2

International Destinations

Average Airfare2

Orlando, FL


Bangkok, Thailand


Chicago, IL


Cancun, Mexico


Los Angeles, CA


Tokyo, Japan


Las Vegas, NV


London, England


New York, NY


Mexico City, Mexico


Ft. Lauderdale, FL


Dublin, Ireland


Miami, FL


Phuket, Thailand


Houston, TX


San Jose, Costa Rica


Denver, CO


Montego Bay, Jamaica


Phoenix, AZ


Barcelona, Spain


San Francisco, CA


Lima, Peru


New Orleans, LA


Guadalajara, Mexico


Tampa, FL


Guatemala City, Guatemala


San Diego, CA


Amsterdam, Netherlands


Honolulu, HI


Auckland, New Zealand


Boston, MA


Madrid, Spain


Dallas, TX


Paris, France


Seattle, WA


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Atlanta, GA


Denpasar, Bali


San Juan, Puerto Rico


Tel Aviv, Israel


Though most European destinations have been outside of the top destinations for spring travel in past years,¬†London,¬†Dublin,¬†Barcelona,¬†Amsterdam,¬†Paris, and¬†Madrid¬†are all near the top of this year’s list.¬† Additionally, the percentage of international travel for millennials during the months of March and April is trending upwards with a 12% increase in international bookings since 2016.3

Domestic travel is very affordable for spring travel this year. Average roundtrip airfare to all of the top domestic destinations, with the exception of Hawaii, are all under $3402 and more than half of the destinations have an average airfare under $3002.

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1¬†Based on passengers ages 21 ‚Äď 30 booked for travel from¬†3/1/18¬†‚Äď 4/30/18.
2¬†Based on average roundtrip airfare for tickets booked before¬†2/19/18¬†for travel¬†3/1/18¬†‚Äď 4/30/18. Average airfare rounded to the nearest dollar.
3¬†Based on passengers ages 21 ‚Äď 30 booked for travel from¬†3/1/18¬†‚Äst4/30/18¬†compared to the number of passengers who traveled during the same time period in 2016.


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