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What is SIN?

Social Insurance Number Canada

SIN or Social Insurance Number is a personal, secure 9-digit number given out by Service Canada to people looking for work in Canada. It is a way for the government to track the work done by a person. SIN also provides access to various benefits such as tax returns, employee benefits, and many more. SIN is important for anyone who wants to work in Canada.

How to get SIN?

Welcome to Canada. If you are here, we assume you are new in the country. You are now eligible for SIN. Canada used to have a Service Canada office at the airport but, due to the recent influx of population from all around the globe, airports were getting long queues and became too crowded.

Service Canada offers social insurance number to everyone who is looking to work in Canada.
Long queues outside Service Canada.

To tackle this problem, the Canadian Government shifted Service Canada offices from airports to different locations all over the country.

#3 ways you can get a SIN.

  1. Online
  2. By mail
  3. In-person/walk-in

A person is responsible for protecting his/her Social Insurance Number. The SIN has turned into a public recognizable proof number, similarly that the Social Security number has in the United States.

Social Insurance Numbers that start with the number “9” are given to brief occupants who are not Canadian residents or extremely durable inhabitants (e.g., unfamiliar understudies, people on work visas). Frequently, these people should have business approval to work in Canada. SINs starting with a “9” are not quite the same as SINs relegated to residents and super durable inhabitants since they have an expiry date (which normally corresponds with the termination of the holder’s work grant). These SINs are invalid except if there is an expiry date recorded on the card and the date has not passed.

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