Family-owned Chocolatier Avoca Opens Third Location in Ossington


Avoca Chocolates is the first shop in Toronto to create masked chocolate Easter Bunnies and Santas for their respective holidays. Since opening their doors in the Riverdale neigbourhood in 2015, Avoca has been serving quality gelato and truffles that are works of art to the city they are proud to call home.

Every one of their decadent products is hand-crafted in-store with organic and fair-trade ingredients. On December 4th, 2021, the family-owned chocolatier opened its third location on Ossington just in time to feature its line of holiday-inspired treats.    

As a specialty chocolate shop owner, founder Noni finds excellent fulfillment in connecting with the locals and families. As an immigrant from India, her passion for serving Toronto began when her parents opened the third Indian restaurant on the Danforth. Noni recalls, “I grew up in the restaurant and started working when I was eight years old. I would help wash dishes since it was just my parents and myself.

I love people! Working in the restaurant, all of our customers were our friends. I worked until I was 24, then I got into making chocolate after that”. While working in real estate, Noni initially tried to start a chocolate business with a client and friend, but it was short-lived. As a single mother, Noni put her entrepreneurial desires on the back burner, and continued to make chocolates only around Christmas time for her family.

Then about seven years ago, her father passed away, and her grief led her to channel her creative energy into a new endeavour. “When I made chocolates for Christmas, my father would always encourage me to open a chocolate shop. 6 months after his passing, I opened Avoca. I got motivated after my father passed away. He was the love of my life, and he egged me on to do it”.

Noni is passionate about Toronto and the locals she serves. Since her family was all over the city, she wanted to operate Avoca to allow her family to join the business. She also recognizes Torontonians’ appreciation for the integrity and craftsmanship she pours into every truffle. Noni explains, “this city has the population, sure, but it also has the heart. Canadians care about creating things well and sustainably”.

With an abundance of specialty boutiques, coffee shops, and restaurants on Ossington, Avoca Chocolates fits in beautifully with its new neighbourhood. “I’m very vocal about the fact that we make everything on site. Toronto, as well as Ossington specifically, really appreciate that. People can see how it’s made when they come into our store”. Since its grand opening, her new community has warmly welcomed Noni and her business. Regular customers have recognized Avoca from the east end, and newcomers were able to find their new favourite treat. 

Family, creativity, and connection are the inspirations behind Avoca Chocolates. Beginning in 2022, Noni plans on hosting her chocolate-making workshops to spread her knowledge and passion to curious children and adults alike.

Most of all, Noni’s intentions with Avoca Chocolates is to make a positive contribution to the city and people who have given her a chance at a fulfilling life. “When we came here, we had nothing. My dad worked as a dishwasher at the Keg Mansion, then at a factory. Once he saved enough money, he opened an Indian restaurant on the Danforth”, Noni admits. “This country has allowed us to do better, so I want to give back. I love our upbringing; it has taught me to value hard work and the people of this country”.

Resting Dragon
Resting Dragon

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