Dealing with Stress in Canada: Srishti Pahwa

Stress is what everyone is stressed about that why are they stressed?

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Stress itself is a boast in getting onto nerves when situations can’t be solved!

Well, transitioning to a new country altogether takes courage, and motivation to start a new life again is a whole different kind of hassle one takes with themselves. Canada is an immigrant-oriented country. One has all the reasons to take stress but no solutions to offer.  A life where you are no more a youngster but a grown-up adult who has to look after all that is never thought of- paying off your bills to living in a room and paying double the amount you used to spend back in your home country.

The tips which I researched about stress back in India helped me to be mentally prepared for my move to Canada, which apparently started from packing my life in one baggage to taking care of my passport at the airport because lose some money but not passport!

Give this a read before you dive into practical implementation:

Well, here are some tips which I followed from the research and that turned out to be helpful!

From a mentally exhausting life to de-stress in Canada tips!

Get a coffee

First and foremost, stay calm, go out to have Tim Horton’s or Starbucks whichever you prefer, and spend time with yourself! Stressing yourself won’t give you wanted rewards! It is said that spending time with yourself gives you a better analysis of what you are doing and what steps you can take to improve your current situation.

De-stress in Canada + Decaf! = perfect combination


Students who chose this life have to allocate their time, money, and patience to a new society totally dissimilar to their previous lives. Here they have to think twice before spending! Isn’t this something to be worried about? Absolutely! But every dark place has a ray of hope where you manage your ways out by yourself!


Go for a walk- listen to your favorite singer- or dance, travel, eat or cook do whatever you like just to divert your mind and get peace.

POV: Brisk walk around mesmerizing nature can de-stress your mind in Canada!

Talk to someone

Secondly, talk, or rant to your close ones! Well, here is the catch and a piece of advice. The ones you rely on will listen to you and give solutions. Obviously, you know the situation better and you know how to bring solutions but maybe someone can help. De-stress remedy it is!


Meditate meditate meditate! I know this sounds like a saint xD but honestly, I have been doing this for a long time, it releases one’s anxiousness. Even I thought what is this, and it is just too overrated! But trust me it will calm you like no other thing can, you see it can benefit you get good sleep. Relax your mind and soul and most importantly heal you.

A good but very stupid point, delete your social media! Lol I know it sucks but it genuinely helps, I know we all are social media addicts to a certain extent but guys! What did you do when social media wasn’t introduced earlier? Play snake game in Nokia 1100, right? Ha-ha, bad jokes! But it’s okay to escape from this temporary toxic world.

PS: Tension is a gradual killer, let these activities be the painkiller!

De-stress yourself with some tips that you can follow in the long run!

Well, that’s it from my side!


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Author: SRISHTI PAHWA is based out of Toronto, Canada, and is currently studying at Lambton College, Toronto. To get more information kindly get in touch at


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