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As we all know, the pandemic has had a massive effect on pretty much all businesses. However, the businesses that have suffered the most are the smaller businesses. These businesses have had their books made into an absolute mess during this time. Due to this, many small business owners might be looking into hiring a CPA to help get their books back in order. That’s why we have reached out to CJ Jnawali, the Controller of Apex Accounting, an accounting firm in the GTA based out of Scarborough, to talk about his business during this time. 

Accounting Cycle

What Is Apex Accounting 

Apex accounting is an accounting firm based in the GTA that services businesses within both Ontario and Quebec. We specialize in working with dental practices to help with their business. We cover everything from getting companies set up, financial planning, bookkeeping, getting ready for tax season and more. In terms of specifically working with dental practices, we help them by offering CPAs who have experience working with dental procedures and their owners. This process allows dentists to focus on their actual business and not the books behind the scenes of it all. 

Why do you specialize in working with dental practices? 

Like I said before, part of it is that our CPAs specialize in and have much experience working with dentists, so it’s only natural that we specialize in that area. Another reason that we specialize in working with dentists is because dentists tend to be very busy with clients. If a dentist has to hold the responsibility of both working with patients and managing their practice books, it can be a lot. We want to help free up the time of dental practitioners so that they don’t have to focus on the behind-the-scenes work and focus on clients. 


Do you work with businesses other than dental practices? 

Yes, while we specialize in working with dental practitioners and make that a substantial part of our client base, we still offer our services to other businesses. I like to say that just because we have a specialty does not mean that we discriminate when it comes to the kinds of companies we work with. 

How has Covid affected your business 

COVID-19 and the lockdowns that it has caused have affected us just like it has affected every business. When lockdowns began in March of 2020, our company took a big hit. As many of our clients are dentists who had to stop meeting clients, we had lost a fair amount of work. As the province started to open up again gradually, our client base started to build back up as many of our clients wanted to see their options when it came to their financials in this “new normal.” The repeated lockdowns have forced us to go through this cycle a lot, making business tricky. 

Need help setting up payroll

What are your hopes for the future? 

At Apex Accounting, we have many goals for the future. I think the general one is that we hope not to deal with any more lockdowns after the one we are currently in ends, but we have been hoping for that for a while. We also wish for the pandemic and all restrictions to end reasonably soon. In terms of the business, we aim to expand our client base and help businesses, dental practices, and otherwise, get their books back under control after the pandemic’s damage has had on most businesses’ financials. 

As we hopefully come to the final chapter of the pandemic, at least when it comes to hard lockdowns, businesses hope they can finally get back to operating without fear of being closed down again. However, since companies will likely have some pretty messy books by the time all this is finally over, accounting firms like Apex Accounting will be looking to capitalize on that new market opening. Hopefully, Apex Accounting will be able to get to help small businesses get back on their feet sooner rather than later.

For more information kindly visit: https://apexaccounting.ca/

Matt Filart

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SOURCEApex Accounting, Scarborough


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