Striving through Pandemic with a smile and crazy Bhangra: Aman Buttar


In these challenging times, watching someone dance with the biggest smile and charisma is a natural breath of fresh air. Meet Aman Buttar, a Bhangra dancer/trainer/actor, and musician. Aman arrived in Canada about a decade ago when she was just 18 as a student and then started her journey of becoming this person who spreads light and joy everywhere.

Aman Buttar, Founder, Aman Buttar Bhangra Studio

Many years of hard work and endless jobs led her to follow her path. Aman got herself an agent and started auditioning for different roles. While this process is very excruciating, she realized she never stopped dancing through all the times, good or bad.

She made dance videos first to post them on her social media. One thing led to another, and she ended up having her Dance Workout classes in Downtown Toronto. She started slow, but with time and word of mouth, more and more people joined in.

Bhangra Dance – Pre Covid Pictures

What is unique about this is that it is not the hard-core dance that people came to learn; she converted it into an hour of fun dance that could also be an ideal workout. Bhangra is a folk dance that roots in Punjab. It is performed on almost every occasion. You name it, and people are ready to dance it out.

There is only one Bhangra dance class in downtown Toronto, and the novelty of it brought many people from different cultures and backgrounds to join in and have an hour of fun. The Bhangra workout class is charged at $10 for one hour class.

Aman Buttar Bhangra Studio  -Bhangra Dance – Pre Covid Pictures

Some families come with their kids to make a day out of it and make sure that their kids feel connected to their roots. Then some regular ones join her almost every Friday at 6 pm.

Amidst her acting and auditioning, Aman found her side hustle and made so many people’s lives better. Watching her dance makes one believe that your passion can genuinely impact the lives of people. She also makes a video at the end of her class where everyone dances on the choreography they learned, and that is just the cherry on the cake.

Aman Buttar, Founder, Aman Buttar Bhangra Studio

The classes have been closed for almost a year, which has not stopped her from doing what she loves. She continues to dance her way, whether it is just for videos. As far as the people attending her class, well, they cannot wait to be back at their happy escape.

We asked Aman what she is up to these days as the classes are not currently going on, and she has been busy making her first-ever music video as a singer. She is also working on writing her TV show revolving around her life as an actor, singer, dance instructor and struggling to make it big.

Aman Buttar Bhangra Studio  -Bhangra Dance – Pre Covid Pictures

Her hustle inspires many to go for their dreams, and while waiting for their plans to manifest into reality, do not just keep sitting, instead find a side hustle and make that work into something magical too.

You can check this link to book the classes once they are open.

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