Metro Supply Chain Group Awarded Contract to Warehouse + Distribute PPE for Canadian Government


TORONTO,¬†Oct. 2, 2020¬†/CNW/ – Metro Supply Chain Group (“Metro”) announced today that it has been awarded a contract with the Government of¬†Canada¬†to store and distribute Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to provinces and territories. Metro will begin its work with the Public Health Agency of¬†Canada¬†effective immediately.

Minister of Public Services and Procurement,¬†Anita Anand¬†was one of several participants in the Canadian government’s COVID-19 response press conference held on¬†September 29th. She outlined her department’s proactive PPE procurement, including an increase in numbers of deliveries that have stretched existing¬†warehouses to capacity. “That is why I am pleased to announce,” Anand said “that on behalf of the Public Health Agency of¬†Canada, Public Services and Procurement Canada has issued a new contract to Metro Logistics Inc. of¬†Montreal¬†to help with warehousing and distribution of PPE to provinces and territories. This increased capacity for the Public Health Agency of¬†Canada¬†to warehouse and distribute PPE is paramount as orders continue to arrive.”

“We’re proud to have the levels of infrastructure and technology that support the distribution of sensitive and time-critical products throughout¬†Canada,” said Metro CEO,¬†Chiko Nanji, in response to the government’s announcement. “The effective distribution of PPE is vital to our Country’s efforts to respond to the current health crisis.”

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