Designing a Better World with Feel-Good Fashion: Dr. Liza Egbogah


At a glance, fashion, chiropractic, and osteopathy seem entirely unrelated. People typically assume that exquisite fashion pieces are highly uncomfortable and provide no solutions to poor posture issues. Since creating a hybrid practice called “cosmetic chiropractic”, osteopath, chiropractor, and fashion designer Dr.Liza Egbogah has been an innovator in the fashion industry.

Dr. Liza Egbogah

She is the first Black-Canadian female to design an uber-successful line of shoes. Dr. Liza’s shoe collection includes¬†comfortable heels, flats, sandals, and slippers that are a part of her “feel-good fashion” initiative. Her background as an osteopath and chiropractor also inspired¬†dr. Liza bags,¬†a line of backpacks and shoulder bags that are built to improve posture. Her work has been recognized and admired by celebrities such as Kate Winslet and Emma Thompson.

Dr. Liza described feel-good fashion as “as being comfortable in what you’re wearing. And not just comfortable from a physical standpoint, but also mentally. There is a peace and well-being that comes from what we’re wearing”. She takes colours, shapes and textures into consideration when creating pieces that enhance overall well-being. “That can be clothing that makes you feel good because the colour uplifts your mood. Or it feels good because it is flattering on you”.

Dr. Liza’s background as an osteopath and a chiropractor provides a foundation for her practical and comfortable fashion. She creates harmony as she embeds these vastly different fields into what she calls “cosmetic chiropractic”. Each sector of her work helps improve the lives and well-being of her clients. Dr. Liza reflects, “The unique thing about what I do as a chiropractor, osteopath, and designer is that everything I do is to help others feel better and lead a more comfortable life. My line of shoes are all designed to be comfortable and good for your body.

They also look good, have interesting designs, and make people feel beautiful when wearing them”. Dr. Liza approaches her health care practices in the same holistic way. “When people come to my practice in pain, my goal is for them to leave with significantly less pain. Or if they have poor posture, then the goal is to improve their posture so that they can not only feel better but look better”.¬†

Through her expertise, Dr. Liza’s work has landed her opportunities to work with some of Hollywood’s biggest names. She has created a respectable reputation amongst politicians, athletes, and actors. When asked about navigating the entertainment industry as a black female entrepreneur, Dr. Liza emphasizes the importance of networking and honing her craft. “In Hollywood, especially the actors and the talent, are trained to be very in tune with their bodies. So, they need to find someone who is also very in-tuned with their body, has the right energy and the expertise they are looking for. It starts with one client, and then they refer you to others. Once you’ve earned that trust due to your expertise and knowledge, then you can expand your client base”.

In December 2020, Dr. Liza collaborated with Nigerian designer Ekwerike Chukwuma after discovering his work at Fashion Week the previous year. “His collection was called WUMAN. I thought that the collection was so fascinating. I felt very moved and inspired by the pieces. After the show, I reached out to him to order some pieces. Then I learned more about him. There is so much anatomy in his fashion because he went to medical school before becoming a designer”.

Chukwuma approached Dr. Liza with artwork to auction off to raise money for PPE in Nigeria. This was an eye-opening moment for Dr. Liza, and she was inspired to make a positive impact. “It was such a dramatic difference from where we are here in Canada. I was shocked that we are at a stage of getting vaccines, while people in Nigeria will still concerned with getting PPE. So, I thought, “we need to do this on a bigger scale because how much money can you make off auctioning one piece of art?”

Dr. Liza and Chukwuma joined forces to create wearable art that gives back. Both designers are passionate about fashion that positively impacts people’s lives, so their collaborative line is built on that intention. “The collection includes sweatshirts, sweatpants, and a notebook. All the proceeds go to Nigeria. At the end of every month, we decide which PPE we are going to donate and how we are going to distribute the money amongst the list of healthcare centers in need”.¬†

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